Created by Aaron Hart, Jim DeLine, Jenna Knapp, Nick Kline, Andy Pickett, and Andrea Hart, RD

Physical educators know and understand the need to get students active and engaged as soon as they enter the PE classroom. This collection of instant activities serves to help teachers get students moving quickly, while also providing meaningful learning tasks designed to work toward grade-level outcomes.

Each activity in this collection focuses on one standard and one strand of outcomes, typically fitness knowledge with an emphasis on nutrition. The activity plan has been simplified to keep instruction concise yet effective, planting seeds of awareness that will grow throughout the entire school year.

Learn more about unpacking the Nutrition Outcomes of Standard 3 with this conference handout from Andrea Hart, RDN, CDN and Aaron Hart.
Nutrition Outcomes & Instant Activities [Conference Handout PDF]

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National Standards and Outcomes Focus for Instant Activities

Standard 3. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

  • Nutrition Outcome S3.E6.K-5
    • Recognizes that food provides energy for physical activity (K);
    • Differentiates between healthy and unhealthy foods (1);
    • Recognizes the “good health balance” of good nutrition with physical activity (2);
    • Identifies foods that are beneficial for pre- and post physical activity (3);
    • Discusses the importance of hydration and hydration choices relative to physical activities (4);
    • Analyzes the impact of food choices relative to physical activity, youth sports & personal health (5).

About the Author:

Aaron's passion for physical education is cause for some to question his sanity. At home he loves working on his tiny farm in Upstate New York, eating homegrown veggie soup, and spending time with his family.