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#Pedal4PE was a first of its kind member outreach project that clearly demonstrated that OPEN walks the walk when claiming to be an organization of “teachers helping teachers”.  Co-host Mike Martinez was on location in Baton Rouge, LA with Aaron Hart (Executive Director of OPEN), Kurt Stone (Division Manager of US Games) and several OPEN National Trainers to show love and support for 12 schools over 477 miles and 4 days in the Louisiana Delta.  Participants biked from location to location as National Trainers led students through an hour long assembly of love, laughter, movement and memories!  Tune in to hear some behind the scenes insight from Aaron (@nyaaronhart), Kurt (@USGamesSE), Christina Courtney (@C8462Courtney), Elyse Loughlin (@TheMsLoughlin), Chris Walker (@coachwalk) and Brian Devore (@bdevore7).

These episodes are part of a 3-part series.

  • Episode 1: Christina, Elyse, Chris, and Brian.
  • Episode 2: Nick, Kurt, and Aaron.
  • Episode 3: Louisiana Teachers, Administrators, and Amy Karam from Eat Move Grow.

Mike and Mike ring in 2018 with Ashley Grimes (Pinellas County Schools, FL) to talk Assessment in PE!  Tune in to hear tips and tricks on how to incorporate a wide variety of assessments (self/peer/teacher, skill/vocabulary/concept, etc) into your arsenal to enhance student learning and drive instruction forward.  This episode is a great way to start the 2018 portion of your school year!

Tune into the latest episode of the OPENForum Podcast, where Mike and Mike chat with Roy Mitchell (D.C. Public Schools) about the role Instant Activities play in effective instruction.  The guys discuss how Instant Activities help manage behaviors and establish routines and protocols; as well as build fitness and skills.  This is one episode you surely won’t want to miss.

Conference season is upon us and Mike and Mike are ready to discuss the ins and outs of these awesome professional development opportunities.  Join the Mikes as they discuss why you should consider attending your local, regional or national conference and how to maximizing the experience.  They also share insight on how to overcome barriers to attending and some dates of upcoming conferences around the country.

Mike and Mike are joined by Alex O’Brien (Seattle Public Schools) to discuss effective strategies for engaging non-motivated students/non-participants into your physical education class.  This episode is sure to help build bridges with those hard to reach students and form long lasting relationships that will benefit teacher and student alike!

Mike and Mike are joined by OPEN National Trainer, Shannon Maly, to discuss the effective use of cooperative games to build culture and community in your PE classroom.  The trio highlight the OPEN modules on personal and social responsibility (K-2 and 3-5) and share some of their favorite activities from the modules.  If you’re looking to build positive culture and/or infuse some team building into your arsenal, this is the episode for you!

Join Mike and Mike as they talk with Pam Powers (National OPEN Trainer, Houston, TX) about #OPENPEHearts, OPEN’s new initiative to help PE Teachers who have been affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  A resident of Houston, Pam shares her insight on how affected communities are attempting to repair and rebuild, particularly from a school perspective.  Tune in to hear what OPEN is doing to help, what you can do to help or what you can do if you are a teacher in an area affected by these terrible storms.

Thank you so much for joining us for Episode 2! Mike and Mike chat about the upcoming Active Schools initiative, Take Youe Parent to PE Week (September 25-29, 2017).  The Mikes are joined by Jim DeLine (Highland Park Elementary School, Austin, TX) to discuss some of his tips, tricks and best practices around 10 years of experience in bringing families into his gymnasium. If you’re looking to start inviting families into your gym, this episode is a MUST listen!

In Episode 1, Mike and Mike introduce themselves and the website to all you listeners out there as well as share some insight on absolute must haves to start the year.  The guys tackle topics like inventorying and organizing equipment, consulting SHAPE standards and GLOs before developing Scope and Sequence and technology.  This episode is an absolute must have to start your year!

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