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Depth of Knowledge Question Stems for Physical Education

Are you trying to understand rigor, depth of knowledge (DOK), and evaluation frameworks? What ever happened to good old-fashioned skill and fitness development? With increasing emphasis and accountability based on academic rigor, physical educators find themselves (as usual) working with documents and resources designed and tested for other content areas. It can be frustrating – [...]

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Conference Handouts from the US Games Presenters’ Network

Thank you for attending a US Games Presenters' Network Conference Presentation! For your convenience we're posting many of our handouts here for viewing and downloading. Jim DeLine: Illinois SHAPE Conference: Think Outside the Ball (11/20/2014) Joanna Faerber Louisiana AHPERD Conference: The Right Stuff (11/5/2014) South Carolina AHPERD: Right Stuff for a Lifetime of Physical Activity (11/14/2014) [...]

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Prioritize Goal Setting and BIG Changes Can Happen

When teachers show students how to set and track health-related goals, they empower children to take control of their own health. This is one of the most important pieces of a Quality Physical Education (QPE) Curriculum. Activities in PE class get students moving, but teaching kids how to set goals and prioritize them is long [...]

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Basketball Nutrition

This post dives deeper into the concept of blending MyPlate Nutrition Education with Instant Activities to start your physical education lessons. I wanted to provide another activity example (see link below) in order to highlight the three following points. IT’S EASY to work Serving Up MyPlate Objectives and Essential Questions into any unit that you’re [...]

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Academic Integration Ideas

Here are 5 Academic Integration activity ideas from Nick Kline, NBPT – author of 1) Colored Dice Sport Skill Review Lesson: At the end of many of the units I teach, I use this concept as a fun way to review unit skills while incorporating academic concepts. Create a large activity area with 2-3 [...]

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Planning for Integration: Fitness Pentathlon

This week I’m posting a short bonus article to share an academic integration idea with you. It includes a short 1-page discussion of the standards- and outcomes-based process I used when developing the activity. Please review these resources and comment with your thoughts and ideas around the topic. I would love to hear how you plan [...]

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Nutrition Quick-Starts with MyPlate

Teaching students about nutrition and healthy eating is an essential component of quality physical education. However, many teachers struggle to find the time to fit nutrition education into an already packed schedule. Here’s one solution… Start your lessons with instant activities that integrate MyPlate educational objectives. Here’s the concept in 3 quick steps: Students enter [...]

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An Intro to Academic Language in PE

Here’s an essential concept for any physical educator working to elevate a PE program to Core Subject Status – Academic Language.  Academic Language is a term that is often associated with the current College and Career Ready movement. In the context of physical education we can think of it as the language that our students [...]

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USGames Presenters Network

The New US Games Presenters Network offers educational workshops, conference presentations and product and program trainings that can be customized to meet your school’s or district’s unique needs. We can build out the PERFECT program for a variety of needs: Classroom Activity & Recess K-2 PE Middle School PE High School PE After School Adapted [...]

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