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Acceptance, Activity & Academic Rigor

Looking for a mid-Winter challenge? Let’s target Outcome E4.4b from Standard 4: “Accepts players of all skill levels into the physical activity.” For many physical educators and PE advocates, this outcome falls right into our wheelhouse. We love to talk about how physical education builds character and teaches cooperation and acceptance. However, many of us [...]

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Invisible Dumbbells and Muscular Endurance for Children

I’ve been working with National Physical Education Standard 3 over the past few weeks, looking for ways to help elementary students meet the various grade level outcomes for Fitness Knowledge. When in doubt, begin with the outcomes. Actually, always begin with the outcomes. Anyway, I wanted to create an activity that would accomplish the following: [...]

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Physical Education With A Purpose

As a veteran Physical Education teacher, I have realized that every class I teach has a different personality and therefore, needs to be taught with a different technique. The biggest challenge I have faced is to get every student to participate daily at the high school level. I want all students to find something that [...]

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Standards, Outcomes, and Fun!

Don’t throw out the fun stuff!!! In conversations that I’ve had around outcomes-based, backward design the single largest stumbling block for teachers seems to be the misconception that backward design means starting over from scratch. “What about the great stuff that I do and that I know kids love? Do I have to throw it [...]

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Taking a Virtual Road Trip with Accelerometers

Three years ago, I received a grant from the Suffolk Zone NYS AHPERD for the purchase of accelerometers.  For the last two years, I have been experimenting with ways to incorporate them into my classes in a meaningful yet efficient manner.  There is no doubt that the use of the accelerometers increases the Moderate to Vigorous [...]

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Maximize Your FITNESSGRAM Reports

Numbers may bore you, but the fact is, data drives decisions and FITNESSGRAM10 offers concrete individual and group data that can make an impact if communicated and used appropriately. The mission statement, as well as the program philosophy, clearly outlines education with a focus on lifelong physical activity promotion as the primary goal of FITNESSGRAM. [...]

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Depth of Knowledge Question Stems for Physical Education

Are you trying to understand rigor, depth of knowledge (DOK), and evaluation frameworks? What ever happened to good old-fashioned skill and fitness development? With increasing emphasis and accountability based on academic rigor, physical educators find themselves (as usual) working with documents and resources designed and tested for other content areas. It can be frustrating – [...]

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Conference Handouts from the US Games Presenters’ Network

Thank you for attending a US Games Presenters' Network Conference Presentation! For your convenience we're posting many of our handouts here for viewing and downloading. Jim DeLine: Illinois SHAPE Conference: Think Outside the Ball (11/20/2014) Joanna Faerber Louisiana AHPERD Conference: The Right Stuff (11/5/2014) South Carolina AHPERD: Right Stuff for a Lifetime of Physical Activity (11/14/2014) [...]

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Prioritize Goal Setting and BIG Changes Can Happen

When teachers show students how to set and track health-related goals, they empower children to take control of their own health. This is one of the most important pieces of a Quality Physical Education (QPE) Curriculum. Activities in PE class get students moving, but teaching kids how to set goals and prioritize them is long [...]

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Basketball Nutrition

This post dives deeper into the concept of blending MyPlate Nutrition Education with Instant Activities to start your physical education lessons. I wanted to provide another activity example (see link below) in order to highlight the three following points. IT’S EASY to work Serving Up MyPlate Objectives and Essential Questions into any unit that you’re [...]

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