Full-day OPEN workshops are $1,999 (plus travel).

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Onsite Professional Development

Onsite Professional Development: The Big Picture

OPEN workshops will broaden and bolster the instructional capacity of physical education teachers with an in-depth look at the Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) Source Curriculum Project.

Pedagogically, we examine how OPEN fortifies and supports current strategies to ensure academic rigor and a positive learning environment. These strategies include Academic Language Tools, Depth of Knowledge Questions, Debrief Techniques, Marzano’s Essential Instructional Strategies, and Danielson’s Components of Instruction.

Instructionally, we address how to craft content through backward design and deliver activity which meets the needs of all learners. We align OPEN activity modules to State and National Standards, and we correlate these standards to student achievement and learning outcomes.

Academically, we demonstrate how teachers can provide kinesthetic opportunities to integrate and reinforce Common Core connections designed so students can better understand, process, and retain academic content.

Practically, we experience the vast scope of OPEN resources and allow teachers to customize activities and lessons which are specifically designed to maximize skill development, increase activity time, develop functional fitness, and differentiate learning.

But most of all, we create a community of professional learners, affirm the importance of what we do for kids each and every day, and have FUN!