Your Home for 2020 Physical Education Planning Resources

We’re here to give you the tools and time you need to plan ahead.

The tools on this page are designed to give you time back and help you prepare for 3 very likely instructional scenarios.

  1. Students Return to School (In School Instruction)
  2. Students Continue Distance Learning
  3. Students Experience a Blended Instructional Approach

By August 1, 2020 we will deliver 10-weeks of instructional modules designed for all 3 of these scenarios. These curriculum resources will help teachers and students focus on learning outcomes without disruption – even if things change and distance learning resumes due to local outbreaks.

All of the tools posted on this page are offered in an effort to keep you informed and to arm you with details about how you’ll restart physical education for your students. As with all of our resources, download, print, copy, paste, do whatever you have to do to advocate to your administrators, colleagues and parents for effective physical education for every single one of your students.

There is one absolute that every OPEN member can count on. We will be here for you as you plan and reopen your programs. This page will be your HQ for Fall 2020 planning. Check back often for more and more resources. [Last update 5/28]

The OPEN Priority Learning Outcomes for Physical Education

  • Get the Outcomes and Read the Rationale [PDF, WORD]

The OPEN Priority Learning Outcomes for Physical Education provide instructional focus through the lens of 4 umbrella standards and 16 instructional strands with 1 grade-level outcome per strand. This means that physical educators can now focus their planning to help students meet 16 learning outcomes per year with a clear focus on teaching the value of physical activity for good physical, emotional and mental health.

All of OPEN’s 2020-2021 curriculum modules will focus on this set of priority learning outcomes.

2020-2021 Curriculum Mapping Project

Planning Tools

  • Fall 2020 Design Rationale [PDF, WORD]
  • 10-Week Block Plan [PDF, XL]

10-Week Priority Outcome Maps

We will deliver full modules with complete activity and lessons plans by August 1, 2020.

What’s next?!

Online Professional Development Coming June 8, 2020.


One of the most effective things you can do TODAY to advocate for your physical education program is to join and be active on your School or District Task Force for Social and Emotional Learning.

To help you prepare for that important work, OPEN and the American Heart Association will provide a FREE online professional development on June 8th. It will be available in the OPEN Teacher Learning School and space is unlimited.

To receive notification as soon as this professional development becomes available, join the OPEN Teacher Learning School today. It’s free and easy.