There are 2 types of tools on this page. On the left, you’ll find games and calendars for families to use to make their home an Active Home. On the right, you’ll find resources to help teachers and parents partner together to provide meaningful movement opportunities that progress students toward physical education and social & emotional learning outcomes. Check back often for updates.

Created by: Nick Kline, Aaron Hart, Rich Wiles, Brian Devore, Brandon Herwick, Jim DeLine, Lynn Hefele, Tanner Roos, Will Potter, Ross Chakrain, Michael Utz, Ben Pirillo, Christina Courtney, Shannon Maly, Ashely Sharp   Special Contributions: Lori Rose Benson, Deedi Brown, Jennifer Truong, Asia Kehl

Back to School Resources for Fall 2020: PE NOW

Updated BIY Journal Pages

30-Day HIIT Fitness Program

Active Fun for Families

DEAM Calendars (Drop Everything And Move)

20 Second or More with Hip Hop Public Health

Activities Designed for Physical/Social Distancing

  • Movement Made for Now Complete Program : [PDF]
  • Floor Tape Group Games: [PDF, WORD]
  • Rock, Paper, Scissor Games: [PDF, WORD]
  • Charade Games: [PDF, WORD]
  • Invisible Dumbbell Stations: [PDF, WORD]
  • Shadow Sports Activities: [PDF, WORD]
  • Tabata Fitness Stations: [PDF, WORD]

Physical Education at Home

  • 2-Week Physical Activity Log English (K-12): [PDF, WORD, GDOC]
  • 2-Week Physical Activity Log Spanish (K-12): [PDF, WORD, GDOC]
  • Home Physical Education Parent Letter English: [PDF, WORD]
  • Home Physical Education Parent Letter Spanish: [PDF, WORD]
  • At-Home UDL options for students with special needs: [PDF(NEW!)

Elementary Home Physical Education Content Packets

Secondary Home Physical Education Content Packets

Other AMAZING Resources

  • Hype The Breaks Dance Videos: [LINK]

More from OPEN National Trainers

Guided YouTube Lessons for Elementary Students (Tanner Roos)

  • Noodle Activities: [VIDEO]
  • Scarf Exploration: [VIDEO]
  • Bean Bag Exploration: [VIDEO]
  • Self-Passing Challenges: [VIDEO]
  • OPEN Fitness Relay: [VIDEO]
  • 1-Minute Challenges: [VIDEO]
  • Jump Rope: [VIDEO]
  • Small Group Games: [VIDEO]

Yoga for PE
Meditations (Victoria Otto)

  • Long Deep Breath: [VIDEO]
  • Alternate Nostril Breath: [VIDEO]
  • Body Scan 10-Mins: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • I AM Meditation: [VIDEO(NEW!)

Yoga Flows & Functional Strength (Victoria Otto)

  • Modified Sun Salutation: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • Instructions to Modified Sun Salutation: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • Yoga for PE: Where can she be? 30min Yoga Flow: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • Sunrise Sun Salutation & Fun with the Sun: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • Functional Strength for Arms & Abs: [VIDEO(NEW!)
  • Functional Strength Hover Planks: [VIDEO(NEW!)

Early Childhood Resources (Laurie Gombash)

  • ABCs of Movement on YouTube [VIDEO] (NEW!)

More From OPEN National Trainers

Concept Lessons for Elementary Students (Lynn Hefele)

  • Fitness: [VIDEO]
  • Cardiovascular Endurance: [VIDEO]
  • Muscular Strength: [VIDEO]
  • Flexibility: [VIDEO]
  • Body Composition: [VIDEO]
  • Fitness Assessment (Teachers): [VIDEO]
  • Fitness Assessment (Students): [VIDEO]
  • Skill-Related Fitness: [VIDEO]
  • Agility: [VIDEO]

Video Challenges (Mike Morris)

Teach PHYSED Website (Ben Pirillo)

  • Weekly At Home Resources (LINK)

Activity Calendar (Jason Steele)

  • PE at Home Calendar: [PDF]

Online Teaching and Learning Tips (Brian Devore)

  • Teacher Tips (PDF)
  • Administrator Tips (PDF)
  • Parent Tips (PDF)
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