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This updated module includes your favorite Turkey Trot and Gratitude Games with some new favorites just added.

Add some active joy to the month of November and use the gratitude-focused debrief questions to get your students thinking about the true meaning of the season. Plus, combine the academic language cards and Turkey Trot Crew Cards to create a festive, fun and meaningful bulletin board or word wall.

Activity Resources


  • Full Activity Packet [PDF, WORD]
  • Let’s Give Thanks Task Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Turkey & Feather Cut Outs [PDF, WORD]
  • Thanksgiving Feast Interval Stations [PDF, WORD]
  • Night Before Thanksgiving Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Rows of Gratitude Yoga Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Gratitude Wreath Activity Card [PDF, WORD]
  • Gratitude Academic Language [PDF, WORD]
  • Turkey Trot Crew Cards [PDF]

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Gratitude Games

Gratitude Games: