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OPEN National Field Day

In celebration of the Summer Olympic Games, we created 10 stations you can use for an Olympic themed Field Day. Each station highlights a sport included in the Summer Olympic Games and includes an activity plan and a station card. In addition, we included a passport that you can use to help classes rotate through the stations with some […]

Basketball (Grades 9-12)

Created by: John Strong, Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions: Charla Krahnke, Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart, Eliza Kuhn

This module is intended to be a 15-day Sport Education season with 6 teams that remain the same for the entire season. This allows for student-led experiences and leadership opportunities instead of traditional teacher-led instruction. It introduces students to all aspects of Basketball and allows students to share in the planning and leadership of […]

Every Day is Game Day

Created by: Aaron Hart, Nichole Wilder, Mark Friedrich, Chris Walker
Special Contributions by: Eliza Kuhn, Andrea Hart

Welcome to OPEN’s 6-day journey to becoming a Game Day Champion! A Game Day mindset means waking up each day ready to tackle challenges with excitement, bounce back from setbacks, and make a positive difference in the world.

Every day is game day in a physical education class, and this module combines some of […]


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