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Recess Matters

Created by: Aaron Hart, Lynn Hefele, Jason Leach, Mike Morris, Ben Pirillo, Rich Wiles Special Contributions: Anne Kubitsky, Joanna Faerber, Deedi Brown Special Thank You: Kids Heart Challenge, Eat Move Grow Design: Jennifer Truong According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s development and, as such, it should not be withheld [...]

Professional Responsibilities

The Professional Responsibilities Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with outcomes-based resources focused on communicating with families and community members, and growing and developing professionally. Like all OPENPhysEd.org resources, these files are meant to be guiding models that can be edited and customized to best meet the needs of your professional path. Professional [...]

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Created by: Aaron Hart, Brian Devore, Jim DeLine, Mike Martinez, Nick Kline, Pam Powers, Rich Wiles, Shannon Maly
Special Contributions: Deedi Brown, Breanna Natale, Andjelka Pavlovic, Georgina Vint
Design: Jennifer Truong

We’re excited to deliver this Fitness Knowledge module which includes high MVPA learning activities, 7 different assessment choices, and over 120 pages of curriculum resources. MANY THANKS to all of […]

Created by: Brandon Herwick, Rich Wiles, Dr. Theresa Cone, Pam Powers, Shannon Maly, Ben Pirillo, Scott Williams, Deedi Brown, Bob Oats, Chris Walker, Alex O’Brien, Matt Bristol, Matt Johnson

Special Contributions: Aaron Hart, Brian Devore & Tammy Hanna

Design: Jennifer Truong

This module builds upon the learning and enjoyment that students experienced in the OPEN dance modules for grades K-2 and 3-5. The dances and activities build in […]

Created by: Aaron Hart, Victor Spadaro, Kate Darpino, Rich Wiles
In Partnership With: New York Road Runners
Special Contributions:
 Deedi Brown
Design: Jennifer Truong

According to statista.com, fitness running is one of the most popular physical activities in the United States with almost 56 million people participating in 2017. That number is an increase of approximately 14 million people since 2007. With that in […]

Created by: Benjamin Pirillo, Daniel Tennessen, Elyse Loughlin, Jason Leach, Rich Wiles, Aaron Hart
Special Contributions: Deedi Brown
Design: Jennifer Truong

Since 2009, the Ninja Warrior obstacle course movement has been broadcast into American living rooms. However, this movement began in Japan in 1997 with Ninja Warrior Sasuke Rising. On average, over 5 million American viewers tune in to each episode of […]

Created by: Rich Wiles & Aaron Hart

Just as classroom teachers have a responsibility to promote physical activity and advocate for physical education programs, physical educators must also infuse STEM subject areas into our outcomes-based instructional schedule. OPEN’s Next Gen Connections Modules are designed to incorporate STEM concepts using the Next Generation Science Standards to guide our planning […]

Created by: Aaron Hart, Ami Gibson, Brian Devore, Charla Krahnke, Colin Arvanitakis, Daniel Hill, Rachel Weir, Rich Wiles
Special Contributions by: Deedi Brown & Joey Feith
Module Design & Layout: Jennifer Truong
OPEN Basketball Nation Logo: Asia Kehl

It would be very interesting to know what Dr. James Naismith would think about the evolution of a game that he invented in December of 1891. Although […]