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Gratitude Games (Grades K-8)

Created by: Aaron Hart, Nichole Wilder, Andrea Hart

Special Contribution: Eliza Kuhn

This updated module includes your favorite Gratitude Games, with some new favorites that were just added.

Add some active joy to the month of November and use the gratitude-focused debrief questions to get your students thinking about the true meaning of the season. Plus, combine the academic language cards and Turkey Trot Crew Cards to create a festive, fun […]

Run for Fun (Grades K-2)

Created by: Stephanie Herrick, Aaron Hart, Nichole Wilder, Andrea Hart

Run for Fun is the latest collaboration between OPEN and Rising New York Road Runners. This instructional module borrows teacher-tested learning activities from the Rising New York Road Runners’ PLAYBuilder and adds OPEN’s twist on outcomes-based instructional resources.

The activities in this module are designed to teach students how to move safely around a track (running loop) while exploring different locomotor […]

Team Invasion (Middle School)

Created by: Dan Tennessen, Doug Hallberg, LaDonda Porter, Stephanie Dickson, Shannon Maly, Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions by: Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart


Invasion games and sports involve an offensive team working to maintain possession of an object while attacking (or invading) a defensive team’s goal or target area. Development of specific skills and skill combinations that involve passing, receiving, shooting, and defending are targeted learning outcomes. This module builds on the Invasion […]


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