In an effort to afford early childhood education providers equity of access to the highest-quality movement education programming,OPEN has launched a content development effort with the help of some of the nation’s most respected physical education and early childhood content specialists.

EC Development Council: Aaron Hart, Nick Kline, Helena Baert, Diane Craft, Andrea Hart
EC Content Authors: Helena Baert, Jim DeLine, Amy Gagnon, Laurie Gombash, Aaron Hart, Nick Kline, Elyse Loughlin
 Lori S. Dunn, John Foley, Matthew Madden
Production & Design: Deedi Boland, Aaron Hart, Nick Kline, Jennifer Truong

Program Design: There are 3 main goals embedded within the OPEN EC program.

  1. Provide developmentally appropriate physical activity experiences, allowing children an opportunity to accumulate 60 minutes of daily physical activity.
  2. Provide instructional content designed to foster the development of knowledge and skill in six main movement exploration categories (Movement Concepts, Balance, Locomotor, Manipulative, Health & Nutrition, and Social & Emotional Development).
  3. Provide early childhood teachers and program providers with movement-based activities that work toward developmental outcomes and indicators defined within the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Program Overview:

  • Full Program e-Book:

  • Program Introduction:

  • Equipment & Training:

  • Activity Management Tips:

  • Physical Activity Rules Poster:

  • Movement Concept Cards:

Activity Basics (The First Lessons)

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Gotcha:

  • Imaginary Fence:

  • Sharing Circle:

  • Line Up Practice:

  • Everyone Cleans Up:

  • Share, Share, That's Fair:

Bean Bag 1

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Bean Bag Home Base:

  • Move Like This:

  • Bean Bag Body Parts:

  • Bean Bag Balance:

  • Home Plate Fruit Finder:

  • Bean Bag Eggs:

Bean Bag 2

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Color Move:

  • Tower Building:

  • Bean Bag Flies:

  • Waterfall:

  • Give With It:

  • Simon Says:

Scarves 1

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Low, Medium, High...Oh My!:

  • Stand Like This:

  • Mirror Me:

  • Tossing Challenges:

  • Tails:

  • Scarf Fitness:

Scarves 2

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Shape Shifter:

  • Exploring Pathways:

  • Setting the Table:

  • Connect Two:

  • Scarf Pass and Share:

  • Tossing Challenges:

Ropes 1

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Get In Shape:

  • A Is For Activity:

  • Know Where:

  • Be Like Superboy & Supergirl:

  • Yikes! Snakes!:

  • What's On Your Plate:

Ropes 2

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Musical Ropes:

  • Jumping Jello:

  • Swing Safely:

  • Matching Champions:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:

  • Trains:

Hoops 1

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Hoop Race:

  • Move Crazy:

  • Bodies of Water:

  • Colored Igloos:

  • Balancing Body Parts:

  • 1,2,3 Lift Off:

Hoops 2

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Hoop Danger:

  • In or Out:

  • Shuffle, Shuffle:

  • Hygiene Habits:

  • Ready, Aim, Throw:

  • Musical Hoops:

ABC’s of Movement 1

  • Quick Ref Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Obstacle Course:

  • Yoga A,B,C's:

  • Balance Shuffle:

  • Follow The Leader:

  • Bean Bag Toss:

  • Silly Shopping:

  • Healthy Food Signs:

ABC’s of Movement Cards are available through US Games

Parachute Party

  • Parachute Party Activity Card:

Activity Plans:

  • Coming soon…

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