The Planning and Preparation Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with outcomes-based resources focused on quality curriculum implementation. Like all resources, these files are meant to be guiding models and should be customized to best meet the needs of your students and teaching environment.

Planning & Preparation Introduction

OPEN contributors and national trainers continue to work hard to provide our members with flexible tools to elevate physical education and activity programs. This resource center has been created to provide resources that can be customized to best match your teaching environment and calendar.

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Curriculum Mapping Overview

Local, State and National Grade-Level Outcomes set expectations for student learning and OPEN instructional modules provide the learning activities, assessments, and resources to help students develop physical literacy skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Modular Curriculum Maps

  • Grades K – 2 (40-Week Map): [PDF, WORD]
  • Grades 3 – 5 (40-Week Map): [PDF, WORD]
  • Middle School (40-Week Map): [PDF, WORD]
  • High School Fitness (20-Week Map): [PDF, WORD]


The Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (PECAT) is a self-assessment and planning guide developed by the CDC.

Schools and school districts working to adopt OPEN as their physical education curriculum can review our PECAT Standards Analysis Scorecards, view our content development outlook, and create systemic rationales for adoption.

Thank you to our partners from the SUNY Cortland AMP Lab for their work in completing and maintaining these documents.

PECAT by Grade Level

  • Grades K-2 Standards Analysis [PDF]
  • Grades 3-5 Standards Analysis [PDF]
  • Grades 6-8 Standards Analysis [PDF]
  • Grades 9-12 Standards Analysis [PDF]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Physical Education Curriculum Analysis Tool. Atlanta, GA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Dept of Health and Human Services; 2019.