The Instruction Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with outcomes-based resources focused on engaging students in learning with positive communication, effective discussion, instructional flexibility and responsiveness. Like all resources, these files are meant to be guiding models that can be edited and customized to best meet the needs of your students and your teaching environment.

Instruction Introduction

OPEN contributors and national trainers continue to work hard to provide our members with tools to elevate teacher-student interactions. This resource center has been created to provide tools for instruction that can be customized to best meet the needs of your students.

Planning & Preparation Contributors

Thank you to the following content contributors:

  • Jim DeLine, Joey Feith, Aaron Hart, Lynn Hefele, Brandon Herwick, Nick Kline, Elyse Loughlin, Shannon Maly, Mike Martinez, Roy Mitchell, Ben Pirillo, Dan Tennessen, Chris Walker

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Cheers for Celebration Overview

You’ve seen our National Trainers perform cheers in workshops and conference sessions. Now we’re compiling them all in one place with printable instructions and YouTube videos! Why? Celebration cheers are culture and climate strategies that enhance the learning environment through supportive, engaging, and participatory social engagement. The targeted behavioral outcome is a class of students that regularly express positive social behaviors to their teachers and peers.

Cheer for Celebration Volume 1

  • Printable Cheer Chart:

  • PowerPoint Video Demo:

  • Picture Frame Video Demo:

  • X-X-Excellent Video Demo:

  • Fireworks Video Demo:

  • Incredible Hulk Video Demo:

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