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This new Pumpkin Patch landing page includes your favorites from years past, as well as brand new games for 2022!

Thank you to the following Pumpkin Patch contributors!

Drew Burris, Evan Norwood, Pam Straker, Nichole Wilder, Sarah Phillips, Paul Redman, Meggie Shoemaker, Kristen Stuber, Tracie Hammond, Tiffany Beam, Jennifer Carver, Megan Northcote, Aaron Hart

Activity Resources


  • Ghost Tossers Letter Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Ghost Tossers Team Word List [PDF, WORD]
  • Spooky Station Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Pumpkin Ball Flash Cards [PDF Only]
  • Ghost Hunters Exercise Chart [PDF, PPT]
  • Pumpkin Patch Fitness Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Great Pumpkin Run Race Bib [PDF, PPT]
  • Great Pumpkin Run Certificate [PDF, PPT]
  • Trick or Treat Fitness Stations [PDF, WORD]
  • Academic Language Cards [PDF, PPT]
  • Universal Design Suggestions [PDF, PPT]
  • Student Behaviors Rubric [PDF, PPT]
  • Self-Care Pumpkin Patch Resources [LINK]

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