The Classroom Environment Resource Center is designed to provide OPEN members with tools and resources focused on creating a positive learning environment for all students. Download and customize tools for establishing class culture, managing class procedures and routines, as well as organizing the physical space in your physical education classroom.

Classroom Environment Introduction

OPEN contributors and national trainers continue to work hard to provide our members with flexible tools to elevate physical education and activity programs. This resource center has been created to provide resources that can be customized to enhance your teaching environment.

Planning & Preparation Contributors

Thank you to the following content contributors:

  • Aaron Hart, Nick Kline

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Tools for Establishing Class Rules Overview

The OPEN Team has created 3 umbrella rules for you to discuss with your students. Facilitating meaningful discussing with a focus on social and emotional competencies will give your students a voice as it relates to the how and why classroom rules and routines are important. (Updated for Fall 2021).

Physical Education Classroom Rules

  • Complete Classroom Rules Packet:

  • Classroom Rules Introduction:

  • Rules Poster:

  • Student Empowerment Rights Poster:

  • CASEL Alignments and DOK Question Sets:

Image Files for Custom Resources

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