Rhythm & Move Development Team: Aaron Hart, Elyse Loughlin, Andrea Hart, RDN, CDN, Lori Rose Benson, Dr. Olajide Williams, MD, MS
Illustrations: James Boland
Book Design: Jennifer Truong

Rhythm & Move uses the Multisensory, Multilevel Health Education Model to teach young students about emotional and behavioral self-regulation, relationships with other children, and basic nutrition education concepts. This is done in a purposeful movement environment in order to facilitate gross motor development, providing positive physical literacy experiences.


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Learn more about the MMHEM using this citation:
Williams, O. & Swierad, E.M. (2019). A Multisensory Multilevel Health Education Model for Diverse Communities International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(5), 872; doi:10.3390/ijerph16050872

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Content Themes: Based on Developmental Indicators

Emotional & Behavioral Self-Regulation

  • Classroom Rules
  • Classroom Routines
  • Classroom Transitions
  • Response to Management Signals
  • Control Actions and Words (Facing Challenges)
  • Manages behavior based on Expectations
  • Waits for a Turn
  • Understands Consequences of Behavior

Relationships with Other Children

  • Positive Interactions with Other Children
  • Strategies for Entering Social Situations
  • Takes Turns (Conversation and Interaction)
  • Develops Friendships
  • Joint Play with at least 1 other student
  • Includes ideas of others
  • Shows enjoyment of play with others
  • Reflection/Conversation about past play

Gross Motor Development

  • Balance in Large-Muscle Movements
  • Combine/Coordinate Large-Muscle Groups (Dance)
  • Strength and Stamina for Range of Activities
  • Body and Spatial Awareness
  • Moves in Relation to Objects/Other Children
  • Changes Directions

Nutrition Education

  • Identify Healthy Foods
  • Eat a Variety of Foods
  • Food Helps Body Grow and Be Healthy
  • Moderates Food Consumption (Hunger/Fullness)