Rhythm & Move

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Rhythm & Move Development Team: Aaron Hart, Elyse Loughlin, Andrea Hart, RDN, CDN, Lori Rose Benson, Dr. Olajide Williams, MD, MS Illustrations: James Boland Book Design: Jennifer Truong Rhythm & Move uses the Multisensory, Multilevel Health Education Model to teach young students about emotional and behavioral self-regulation, relationships with other children, and basic nutrition education concepts. This [...]

Early Childhood (Ages 3-5)

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In an effort to afford early childhood education providers equity of access to the highest-quality movement education programming,OPEN has launched a content development effort with the help of some of the nation’s most respected physical education and early childhood content specialists. EC Development Council: Aaron Hart, Nick Kline, Helena Baert, Diane Craft, Andrea Hart EC Content Authors: Helena [...]

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