Created by Aaron Hart, Jim DeLine, Josh Enders, Brandon Herwick, Lynn, Hefele, Jenna Knapp, Nick Kline, Andy Pickett, Andrea Hart, RD, Dan Tennessen, Nichole Wilder

Physical educators know and understand the need to get students active and engaged as soon as they enter the PE classroom. This collection of instant activities serves to help teachers get students moving quickly, while also providing meaningful learning tasks designed to work toward grade-level outcomes.

Back to School Instant Activities

Back to School Instant Activities:

Activity Resources:

  • Super Chicken Leadership Pack: [PDF]
  • Team Leader Cards: [PDF]

More Lead By Example resources at BELIEVEINYOU.COM

Instant Activity Library

Instant Activity Full Module (Volume 1)

  • Complete Module:

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Tag of the Month Club (Volume 1)

  • (September) Star Wars Tag:

  • (October) Pumpkin Patch Tag:

  • (November) Harvest Tag:

  • (December) Snowman Tag:

  • (January) Resolution Tag:

  • (February) Heart Tag:

  • (March) Say Cheese Tag:

  • (April) Tax Day Tag:

  • (May) Flower Power Tag:

  • (June) June Bug Tag

  • (July) Sea Creature Tag:

  • (August) Summer Fun Tag:

Dice Games

  • Whole Grain Scramble:

  • Whole Grain Academic Language Card:

  • Calling All Monsters:

  • Calling All Monsters Dice Chart:

Instant Activity Plans (Volume 1)

  • Ahh, Umm, Err:

  • Around the World RPS:

  • Farmville:

  • Fiddlesticks:

  • First Things First:

  • Food Is Fuel Tag:

  • Fuel Collector:

  • High-5 Bank Account:

  • Hot Hot Hot:

  • Name Noodle:

  • #PEMannequinChallenge:

  • Pick A Card:

  • Rocky R,P,S:

  • Shadow Ball

  • Slam Ball:

  • Slam Ball:

  • Tug Boat Tag:

  • Turkey Tag:

  • Yum Yum Yum:

Volume 1 Activity Resources

  • Food is Fuel ReEntry Posters:

  • Shadow Ball Music: Sweet Georgia Brown [iTunes Link]
  • Pick A Card Challenge Poster:

  • RPS World Zone Cards:

  • #PEMannequinChallenge Info Card:

Volume 1 Tag Resources

  • Star Wars Tag Academic Language Cards:

  • Star Wars Tag Writing Prompt:

  • Star Wars Activity Video Link:

  • Harvest Tag Exit Slips:

  • Resolution Tag Reentry Cards:

  • Heart Tag Chamber Posters:

  • Tax Day Tag Math Problem:

Triangle Dance

  • Triangle Dance:

  • Triangle Dance Activity Card:

  • Triangle Dance Tutorial:

  • Triangle Dance Trainer Video:

  • Triangle Dance for Grades 6-8? Go to our Secondary Instant Activity Page

Dance Instant Activities

  • Jingle Bells (Crazy Frog):

  • Trolls September Dance:

  • Trolls Tag:

Dance Activity Cards

  • Jingle Bells (Crazy Frog):

  • Trolls September Dance:

  • Trolls Tag Dance Cards:

Instant Activity Plan Pack

  • ANY Ball:

  • Roll & Go:

  • Roll & Go Exercise Chart:

  • Roll & Go Blank Chart:

  • Strong, Stretch, Sweat:

  • Strong, Stretch, Sweat Exercise Chart:

Instant Activity Fun Bundle

  • Complete Activity Bundle:

  • On the Move RPS:

  • Bust Down the Wall:

  • Balance Tag:

  • Tabata True/False Warm-Up:

Get Tabata Music on Spotify

Seasonal Instant Activities

Pumpkin Patch

  • Complete Pumpkin Patch Module:

  • Pumpkin Patch Fitness:

  • Trick or Treat Fitness Stations:

  • Sleepy Hollow Race:

  • Spooky Story Time:

Pumpkin Patch Fitness & Station Cards

  • Pumpkin Patch Fitness Cards:

  • Trick or Treat Station Cards:


  • Full Packet of Gratitude Games:

  • Rows of Gratitude (Yoga TicTacToe):

  • Rows of Gratitude Yoga Cards:

  • Thankful Turkey Toss:


  • Gratitude Wreath:

  • Gratitude Wreath Activity Chart:

  • Tom Turkey's Shopping List (Nutrition Education Resources):

Reindeer Games (Special Holiday Mini-Module with SEL)

  • Complete Reindeer Games Module:

  • Snowflake Maps:

  • Red Nose Relay:

  • Feed the Reindeer:

  • Down the Chimney:

  • Snowman & Sunshine:

  • Frostbite Tag:

Snowflake Station & Task Cards

  • Snowflake Station Cards:

  • Snowflake Map Sheet:

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