Created by:Rich Wiles, Nick Kline, Mike Ginicola, Benjamin Pirillo, Brandon Herwick, Erik Heard, Kate Darpino, Victor Spadaro, Aaron Hart, Colin Arvanitakis, Angelica Fox
Special Contributions: Deedi Brown
Design: Jennifer Truong

Field Day is an opportunity for schools to build community and celebrate positive school culture through physical activity and developmentally appropriate competition. It’s often a day that all students, staff, and administrators look forward to and enjoy. However, it is a lot of logistical work. This team of OPEN contributors created a collection of activities and resources that are meant to help you provide meaningful experiences while decreasing the stress of planning.

In addition, we’ve added Academic Language cards and a Field Day Student Contract to help you maximize the opportunity to teach personal and social responsibility and reinforce the 21st Century Learning skills of Communication and Collaboration.

Each year we’ll add new activities and resources to help you keep your field day festivities fresh and fun! (Say that 5 times fast.)

Module Documents

Individual Challenge Activities

Relay Challenge Activities

Team Challenge Activities

Water Challenge Activities

National Standards and Outcomes Focus for Field Day

Standard 4. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

  • Standard 4 [E1.3-5]: Exhibits personal responsibility in teacher-directed activities (3); Exhibits responsible behavior in independent group situations (4); Engages in physical activity with responsible interpersonal behavior (e.g., peer to peer, student to teacher, student to referee) (5).
  • Standard 4 [E4.3-5] Works cooperatively with others (3a); Praises others for their success in movement performance (3b); Praises the movement performance of others both more and less-skilled (4a); Accepts “players” of all skill levels into the physical activity (4b); Accepts, recognizes, and actively involves others with both higher and lower skill abilities into physical activities and group projects (5).
  • Standard 4 [E5.3-5] Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers (3); Exhibits etiquette and adherence to rules in a variety of physical activities (4); Critiques the etiquette involved in rules of various game activities (5).
  • Standard 4 [E6.3-5] Works independently and safely in physical activity settings (3); Works safely with peers & equipment in physical activity settings (4); Applies safety principles with age-appropriate physical activities (5).