OPEN runs off the energy and passion of the OPEN National Training Team and over 100,000 OPEN members. These teammates are tasked with harnessing that powerful energy and helping it come alive through outcomes-driven curriculum resources and a calendar full of professional development experiences. With over 100 years of combined experience as members of the physical education community, the team wakes up every day and works hard to elevate the experience for millions of students and thousands of teachers.

OPEN National Trainers
OPEN Development Council
Aaron Hart
Nichole Wilder
Brian Devore
Kurt Stone


In 2014, Aaron Hart and Kurt Stone asked 7 incredible educators and administrators to help build the blueprint for what would become the world’s first outcomes-driven, evidence-informed, FREE curriculum project. The mission was simple – equity of access for every school in the world. Each member of this team provided incredible experience, insight and passion as foundational curriculum resources were built and OPEN’s professional development experiences began to take shape.

Nearly a decade later, OPEN’s equity impact has reached over 150,000 educators and 79 million students worldwide. This incredible public service provided by US GAMES and BSN SPORTS has reached a value of more than $90 million over 9 years.

Aaron Hart
Artie Kamiya
Helena Baert
Jim Deline
Joey Feith
Lori Dunn
Nick Kline
Eric Stern