2020-21 PE Modules

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!
This is your landing page for PE NOW. (New OPEN Weekly)

PE NOW is OPEN’s commitment to the physical education community for the 2020-21 school year. We will add new content weekly to help you plan, implement, and assess in this uncertain and unprecedented time.

This week we added the first 3 episodes of Believe In You Season 3! Join Kevin Atlas as he brings inspirational guests into your classroom. Each episode includes a complete SEL curriculum guide designed for in-person or remote instruction.

PE Now video walkthrough with Aaron Hart & Brian Devore.

Organizing PE Now resources on your LMS (Schoology walkthrough).

Quick Grabs

  • September DEAM Calendar [PDF, WORD]
  • October DEAM Calendar [PDF, WORD] (NEW)
  • Active Classroom Resources [LINK] (NEW)
  • Believe In You SEL Season 3 [LINK] (NEW)
  • Priority Physical Education Outcomes [PDF]
  • Priority SEL Outcomes [PDF]
  • 10-Week Block Plan [PDF, XL]
  • Activity Pack for Physical Distancing [PDF]
  • Staff / Student SEL Walking Program [PDF] (NEW)


Week 1-3: Go Be Great [LINK NOW]

Week 4-7: Loopy Laps w/Rising NYRR [LINK NOW] NEW

Week 8-10: Fitness Fun [Coming Soon]

Middle School

Week 1-3: Go Be Great [LINK NOW]

Week 4-7: On the Move w/Rising NYRR [LINK NOW] NEW

Week 8-10: Fitness Planning [Coming Soon]

High School

Week 1-3: Believe In You [LINK NOW]

Week 4-7: Lifetime Fitness w/Rising NYRR [LINK NOW] NEW

Week 8-10: Mind, Muscle & Health [Coming Soon]