Fitness planning with a purpose for Middle School

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Grades 6 – 8

Unlocked Resources:

  • Learning Target Overview [PDF, WORD]
  • Student Checklist [PDF, WORD]
  • Weekly Targets [PDF, WORD]
  • Lesson 1 Menu Board [PDF, WORD]
  • Week 2 Menu Board [PDF, WORD]
  • Week 3 Menu Board [PDF, WORD]
  • Week 1 Sample Teacher Talk [PDF, WORD]
  • Video for All Activities [LINK]
  • Fitness & Nutrition Planner [PDF, WORD]
  • First Letter, Last Letter PowerPoint [PDF, PPT]
  • 5 Second Rule PowerPoint [PDF, PPT]
  • Memory Plate PowerPoint [PDF, PPT]
  • Crossword Interval Puzzle [PDF, WORD]
  • Crossword Interval Answer Key [PDF, WORD]
  • Activity Station Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Module Choice Board [PDF, WORD]
  • PE Vocabulary Cards [PDF, WORD]
  • Discussion / Journal Prompts [PDF, WORD]
  • Thumbs Assessment [PDF, WORD]
  • Weekly Activity Logs [PDF, WORD]
  • Universal Design Chart [PDF, WORD]

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