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Aaron's passion for physical education is cause for some to question his sanity. At home he loves working on his tiny farm in Upstate New York, eating homegrown veggie soup, and spending time with his family.

Instant Activities
(Elementary K-5)

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Created by Aaron Hart, Jim DeLine, Brandon Herwick, Lynn, Hefele, Jenna Knapp, Nick Kline, Andy Pickett, Andrea Hart, RD, Dan Tennessen Physical educators know and understand the need to get students active and engaged as soon as they enter the PE classroom. This collection of instant activities serves to help teachers get students moving [...]

Limited Equipment

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Created by: Christina Courtney, Jim DeLine, Gabe Erving, Crystal Gorwitz, Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart, Erik Heard, Lynn Hefele, Brandon Herwick, Lori Jerred, Nick Kline, Charla Tedder Krahnke, Michael Martinez, Roy Mitchell, Victoria Otto, Benjamin Pirillo, Victor Spadaro, Daniel Tennessen, Rich Wiles Design:  Aaron Hart & Jennifer Truong Special Contributions:  Deedi Brown This module was started [...]

Skillastics Basketball®
(Intermediate 3-5)

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Created by: Sandy Slade & Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown Design: Jennifer Truong Skillastics® Basketball is a large group physical activity resource designed to maximize activity and participation for both small and large groups. This module expands your activity options using all of the tools that come with your Skillastics®Basketball game set while also [...]

Ultimate Disc
(Middle School)

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Created by: Charla Tedder Krahnke, Victor Spadaro, Rich Wiles, Kate Darpino & Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown & Kyle Gerken Design: Jennifer Truong The activities Hot Box and Goaltimate have been adapted from content created by USA Ultimate. Ultimate is a noncontact invasion sport played with a flying disc. The sport was created in [...]

Early Childhood (Ages 3-5)

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In an effort to afford early childhood education providers equity of access to the highest-quality movement education programming,OPEN has launched a content development effort with the help of some of the nation’s most respected physical education and early childhood content specialists. EC Development Council: Aaron Hart, Nick Kline, Helena Baert, Diane Craft, Andrea Hart EC Content Authors: Helena [...]

Next Generation Science Connections

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Created by: Rich Wiles & Aaron Hart Just as classroom teachers have a responsibility to promote physical activity and advocate for physical education programs, physical educators must also infuse STEM subject areas into our outcomes-based instructional schedule. OPEN’s Next Gen Connections Modules are designed to incorporate STEM concepts using the Next Generation Science Standards to guide our planning and instruction. www.nextgenscience.org [...]


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Why OPEN loves parent engagement... We need parents to become powerful allies as we strive to increase the demand for effective physical education programs. Active Schools and OPEN both recognize the potential strength that parents can and do demonstrate within their local schools when they understand the importance of physical literacy and physical [...]

Active Home

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Created by: Nick Kline, Will Potter, Ross Chakrain, Michael Utz, Benjamin Pirillo, Christina Courtney, Shannon Maly, Ashely Sharp, Rich Wiles, Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown, Jennifer Truong Welcome to the Active Home resource center. The tools and resources on the page are designed to help families enjoy physical activity together as a way to enhance physical and emotional health and well-being. [...]

Important Announcement (September 4, 2018)

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OPEN HIRES BRIAN DEVORE AS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Dallas, TX, September 4, 2018– OPEN (The Online Physical Education Network), the nation’s largest grassroots organization serving physical educators and activity leaders, is excited to announce that Mr. Brian Devore has accepted the position of Professional Development Manager effective immediately. When OPEN was launched in March [...]

Plug & Play Fitness
(High School)

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Created by: Aaron Hart, Brian Devore, Jim DeLine, Mike Martinez, Nick Kline, Pam Powers, Shannon Maly Special Contributions: Breanna Natale, Deedi Brown, Georgina Vint, Jeremy Lyon, Katelin Anderson Design: Jennifer Truong OPEN’s partnership with FITNESSGRAM® produces another set of fitness education resources designed to create a culture of everyday fitness with your students. High [...]