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Adventure Learning (Grades 6-12)

By |2023-03-28T14:52:13-04:00March 27th, 2023|Curriculum Resources, High School PhysEd Modules, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Establishing a sense of community within physical education classrooms is essential to developing students that are open to trying new activities and experiences. The OPEN Adventure module offers students an opportunity to connect with their classmates, build trust, and problem solve through a variety of fun and engaging activities. The activities can be grouped [...]

Volleyball (Middle School)

By |2023-05-10T10:46:41-04:00March 21st, 2023|6-8 Tools for Teaching, Curriculum Resources, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Created by: Erica Armijo, Kate Cox, Mike Morris, Valerie Nagy, Beth Uhlman Special Contributions: Nichole Wilder, Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart This module builds on the skills introduced in the 3-5 Volleyball module through skill-specific volleyball lead up activities and games. Passing, serving, and application of strategies/tactics in small-sided games and activities are some of the [...]

Health & Wellness (Middle School)

By |2023-02-14T08:18:11-05:00February 14th, 2023|6-8 Tools for Teaching|

Created by: Nichole Wilder & Andrea Hart, RDN CDN Special Contributions: Aaron Hart Studies have shown that healthy students get better grades, attend school more, and often behave better in class. This module includes activities that are designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills to be healthy and active for [...]

Plug & Play Fitness Collection (Grades 3-12)

By |2023-02-06T10:14:37-05:00February 5th, 2023|3-5 Games for Teaching, 6-8 Tools for Teaching, 9-12 Tools for Teaching, Curriculum Resources|

Plug & Play Fitness activities are among the most popular resources on the OPEN platform – with over 100,000 downloads and counting! This page brings all three Plug & Play modules together for quick and easy access across all grade levels. Teachers have told us that no matter what grade level they teach, they [...]

Gratitude Games

By |2022-11-02T13:53:24-04:00November 2nd, 2022|3-5 Physical Education Modules, 6-8 Tools for Teaching, K-2 Physical Education Modules|

Welcome to Gratitude Games This updated module includes your favorite Turkey Trot and Gratitude Games with some new favorites just added. Add some active joy to the month of November and use the gratitude-focused debrief questions to get your students thinking about the true meaning of the season. Plus, combine the academic language [...]

The Adventure Mile (Middle School)

By |2022-03-20T07:35:11-04:00March 20th, 2022|6-8 Tools for Teaching, Curriculum Resources, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Created by: Aaron Hart & Stephanie Herrick Special Contributions: Victor Spadaro, Isabella Orlando and Andrea Hart, RDN Design: Jennifer Truong & Aaron Hart OPEN and Rising New York Road Runners have joined forces to bring you The Adventure Mile for Middle School. This new instructional module provides over 100 pages of fitness running instructional tools [...]

Winter Wonderland Instant Activities

By |2022-12-02T17:52:49-05:00December 4th, 2021|3-5 Physical Education Modules, Curriculum Resources, K-2 Physical Education Modules, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Every year, right around the holiday season, students start to fall into a frenzy of excitement, forget their impulse control basics, and can use a little physical education etiquette reminder. OPEN's winter-themed instant activity module was designed just for that! We’ve organized our collection of fun and engaging instant activities with social and emotional [...]

Team Tabata Challenges (Middle & High School)

By |2021-08-30T06:59:07-04:00August 3rd, 2021|Curriculum Resources, High School PhysEd Modules, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Build class routines with engaging Tabata Challenges designed to reinforce 3 simple classroom rules while building a positive learning environment. 1) Respect Self;  2) Respect Others;  3) Respect the Things We Use Build on these simple rules to create a safe environment where students are empowered to explore physical activity and movement while building [...]


By |2022-04-14T07:36:41-04:00January 15th, 2020|6-8 Tools for Teaching, Curriculum Resources, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Created by: Charla Krahnke, Aaron Hart & Rich Wiles Special Contributions: Deedi Brown & Victor Spadaro Design: Jennifer Truong Pickleball was a sport created for all ages and skill levels. It combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong into a fun court game that is easy for beginners to learn and challenging enough [...]

Fitness Knowledge
(MS 6-8)

By |2019-05-13T19:31:12-04:00May 13th, 2019|6-8 Tools for Teaching, Curriculum Resources, Middle School PhysEd Modules|

Created by: Aaron Hart, Brian Devore, Jim DeLine, Mike Martinez, Nick Kline, Pam Powers, Rich Wiles, Shannon Maly Special Contributions: Deedi Brown, Breanna Natale, Andjelka Pavlovic, Georgina Vint Design: Jennifer Truong We’re excited to deliver this Fitness Knowledge module which includes high MVPA learning activities, 7 different assessment choices, and over [...]

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