Created by: Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions by: Eliza Kuhn, Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart

This module is intended to assist teachers with classroom management and build excitement for your physical education program. It includes activities that are focused on helping reinforce concepts such as cooperation, teamwork, and leadership within physical education classes. The activities included are some of your OPEN favorites that we have updated with additional academic language and activity procedures to assist with welcoming students into your classes. These activities can be used in the beginning of the school year, or anytime you welcome students back after holidays or breaks.

The activities included reinforce responsible behaviors and how to successfully work with classmates. Students are given the opportunity to explore movement in a fun and engaging environment where everyone can feel welcomed and successful. This allows students to participate in social engagement and build connections with their classmates that can extend beyond physical education.

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Module Documents

  • Complete Module Packet:

  • Module Overview:

  • Required Materials:

  • K-5 Activity Packet:

  • 6-12 Activity Packet:

  • Academic Language Cards:

  • Move With Words Cards:

  • Move With Words SEL Cards:

  • Move With Words Brainstorm Page:

  • Universal Design Adaptations:

Activity Plans

  • Toss 3 (K-5):

  • Partner Flip the Hoop (K-5):

  • Four Corner Boogie (K-5):

  • Soccer Tag (K-5):

  • Toss 3 (6-12):

  • Hoop Tower Relay (6-12):

  • Move With Words (6-12):

  • Switch (6-12):


  • Exit Slip:

  • Academic Language Quiz:

Cheers for Celebration

Celebration cheers are culture and climate strategies that enhance the learning environment through supportive, engaging, and participatory social engagement. The targeted behavioral outcome is a class of students that regularly express positive social behaviors to their teachers and peers.

  • Printable Cheer Chart:

  • PowerPoint Video Demo:

  • Picture Frame Video Demo:

  • X-X-Excellent Video Demo:

  • Fireworks Video Demo:

  • Incredible Hulk Video Demo:

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  • Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers.
  • Applies rules and etiquette by acting as an official for modified physical activities/games or creating dance routines within a given set of parameters.

Personal Challenge:

  • Participates in physical activities that bring confidence and challenge.
  • Develops a plan of action and makes appropriate decisions based on that plan when faced with a challenge.

Working With Others:

  • Uses communication skills and strategies that promote positive team/group dynamics.
  • Works cooperatively with others.