Created by: Aaron Hart and Nick Kline
Special Contributions by: Eliza Kuhn & Andrea Hart

Welcome to Team Development for Youth Soccer – powered by BSN SPORTS!

This resource is designed to empower youth coaches as they work to develop the fundamental soccer skills, game tactics, and team culture that are crucial for the success of youth sports teams. Coaches need the tools to develop basic soccer skills, such as dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and defending. We’re launching this section of the OPEN website with Dribbling and Passing/Receiving packets, and we’ll be adding additional drills and resources periodically. Check back often.

All Team Development resources are infused with Believe In You Empowerment Resources designed for coaches and young athletes. Again, we will continue to add new resources in this section to help you build positive and safe team culture that will empower young athletes!

Team Culture, Character Development and Emotions Education:

  • 5 Characteristics of Highly Successful Teams: [PDF]


  • Complete Dribbling Packet:

U6 – 8 Drills

  • Coach Says:

  • Driver's Test

  • Follow the Leader

  • Red Light, Green Light

U9 – 11 Drills

  • Scramble

  • Shark Attack

  • Soccer Freeze Tag

U12 – 13 Drills

  • One Foot Tight Slalom

  • One Foot Big Slalom

  • Stay In Your Lane

  • Stop on a Dime Challenge


  • Complete Passing & Receiving Packet:

U6 – 8 Drills

  • Soccer Bowling

  • Partner Passing

  • 4 V 1 Keep Away

U9 – 11 Drills

  • Windows

  • Pass Three

  • 3 V 1 Keep Away

U12 – 13 Drills

  • Basic Rondo

  • 3 V 3 + 1 Rondo


  • Coming Soon!

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