Created by: Dan Tennessen, Doug Hallberg, LaDonda Porter, Stephanie Dickson, Shannon Maly, Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions by: Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart


Invasion games and sports involve an offensive team working to maintain possession of an object while attacking (or invading) a defensive team’s goal or target area. Development of specific skills and skill combinations that involve passing, receiving, shooting, and defending are targeted learning outcomes. This module builds on the Invasion Basics module for grades 3-5 and provides lead-up activities and small-sided games aimed at developing the movement concepts, movement patterns, and strategic knowledge commonly associated with invasion sports.

In addition, the activities within this module develop and reinforce responsible behaviors, while introducing strategies and skills that require teamwork and cooperation in order to be successful. All participants are given the opportunity to explore the movement concepts in a fun and engaging environment where everyone can feel successful. This allows students to build connections with their classmates that can extend beyond physical education.

Module Documents

  • Complete Module Packet:

  • Module Overview:

  • Required Materials:

  • All Module Activities:

  • Academic Language Cards:

  • Movement Concepts Cards:

  • Teacher Reflection Guide:

  • Universal Design for Learning:

Activity Plans

  • See It, Move It:

  • 4 to Score:

  • Switch:

  • Team Handball:

  • Swat:

  • Smash:

  • Ultimate Aussie:

  • Ricochet:


  • Academic Language Quiz:

  • Holistic Performance Rubric:

  • Servant Leader Exit Slip:

  • Progress Exit Slip:

  • Courage Exit Slip:

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  • Demonstrates knowledge of rules and etiquette by self-officiating modified physical activities or games.

Manipulative Skills:

  • Refines manipulative skills to improve performance in dance, fitness, and sport activities.

Movement Concepts:

  • Creates open space to create an advantage or with a specific purpose in dance, fitness, and sports activities.
  • Closes space to create an advantage or with a specific purpose in dance, fitness, and sports activities.
  • Analyzes movement and activity situations and makes adjustments with a specific purpose or to create a strategic advantage.

 Social Interaction:

  • Demonstrates respect for self and others in activities and games by following the rules, encouraging others, and playing within the spirit of the game or activity.
  • Demonstrates the importance of social interaction by helping and encouraging others, avoiding trash talk, and providing support to classmates.

 Working with Others:

  • Demonstrates cooperation skills by establishing rules and guidelines for resolving conflicts.