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It’s estimated 60 million Americans participate in running, and it’s known that running and wellness walking is an outstanding activity for improving physical fitness and overall well-being. With that in mind, OPEN and the New York Road Runners have teamed up to bring you an outcome-based approach for preparing your students to enjoy a lifetime of fitness running and physical activity.  This is a powerful and safe resource you can use in any PE instructional scenario.

Rising New York Road Runners is the flagship youth program from New York Road Runners, the organization best known for the TCS New York City Marathon. The program, offered nationwide for FREE, blends running with a mix of fun fitness activities.  Aligned to SHAPE America’s national standards, it will help you teach fundamental movement skills and implement social emotional learning.  Participating educators have unlimited access to a large online resource bank of physical activities, videos, and lessons along with free incentives to motivate kids to keep moving! You’ll also get personal assistance from NYRR staff who have experience in working with educators in over 1,300 schools to deliver impactful physical education instruction.

Our goal is to support you no matter what your PE instruction looks like in your school this fall. Rising New York Road Runners works well in big and small spaces both inside and outside, features activities that are safe to practice under social distancing guidelines and has resources for virtual teaching and engaging students’ families.  The activities are also adaptable for students with disabilities.

Enrollment is now open to all schools Pre-K through 12th grade.

Learn more about our program and how to access new resources to help you continue to deliver PE instruction – to match your instructional model – this fall.

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Grades 9 – 12

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