OPEN National Field Day 2021 Registration

It’s time to register for OPEN National Field Day 2021! This year we’ll kick off a season of National Field Day with our Opening Ceremony on May 6 and a day of celebration with OPEN National Trainers on May 7. We will then help teachers, students, families and communities enjoy their field day events from May 7 and running through June. We’ll start to provide you with field day resources as soon as March. Resources will be designed for virtual or safe in-person participation. If your school situation changes at the last minute, we’ll do what we can to help you make adjustments as needed.

Who should register? Teachers, administrators, family members, and all adults who will help organize student participation in Field Day 2021. Students do not need to register. All resources will be provided to teachers and other adults as they plan and run an amazing field day experience.

Why register? Starting in late February we will begin to communicate via email directly with the adults who have registered for OPEN National Field Day using this form. You’ll receive notification of new resources and tools for organizing, practicing, and participating in National Field Day. Emails will include messages from OPEN, US Games, BSN Sports, and our National Field Day partners. However, we will not give your email to any other organizations.

Are you an organization interested partnering with OPEN, US Games, and BSN Sports to promote National Field Day? Use this form to contact our team.