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  • Teacher / Organizer Step-by-Step Guide: [WORD, PDF]
  • Family Step-by-Step Guide: [WORD, PDF]
  • Full Family Packet: [PDF Only]

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  • VIDEOS of Event Demonstrations: [LINK]

Official Field Day Scorecards

Official Field Day Champion Certificates

  • Direct Link to Champion Certificate: [PDF] NEW!
  • Direct Link to Spanish Certificate: [PDF] NEW!

Event Cards and Practice Plans

Spanish Event Cards NEW!

Information and Promotion

  • Complete Equipment List [PDF, WORD]
  • Letter to Event Coordinators [PDF]
  • National Field Day Timeline [PDF]
  • National Field Day Flyer [PDF]
  • Letter to Families [WORD, GDOC]
  • Letter to Staff [WORD, GDOC]
  • Letter to Admin [WORD, GDOC]
  • Social Media Art [Facebook]
  • Social Media Art [Instagram]
  • Social Media Art [Twitter]
  • Sample Social Media Post [GDOC]

Field Day MUST go on! We’ve heard from THOUSANDS of our members who have expressed the need to have a virtual field day for their students and families. We agree and the OPEN National Trainers have stepped up to create an amazing event that can help bring our entire community together on May 8th. If your community is lucky and school is back for your kids, that’s okay! You can still participate during regular school hours with classroom-friendly and physical education activities.

This page is the online HQ of the OPEN National Field Day event. Each week between now and May 8th we will post new tools and resources for making Field Day come alive for your students. Here are some of the resources you can look forward to.

  • Field Day Event Cards – Each event will be fun but practical for a variety of settings. Students and families will be able to choose events that can be done both inside and outside and require only equipment and items that they can find around the house.
  • Field Day Social & Emotional Benefits – The OPEN team is putting together the tools and resources that educators can use to learn about and promote the social and emotional benefits of field day participation.
  • Tools and Incentives – US Games and all of the companies of Varsity Brands are committed to helping you make the OPEN National Field Day event festive and fun for your entire community. As a part of this, they are donating 5 prizes to be given away to 5 registered participants. The top prize is a $500 gift certificate to US Games! Second prize is a $250 gift certificate and 3 others will win $100 gift certificates. You must register to be eligible to win.
  • National Field Day T-Shirts – Our shop has closed, T-Shirts are under production and we can’t wait to ship them out! We will open a new shop on May 4 to help you commemorate National Field Day!
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We created brand new resources for 2021. Feel free to continue using the resources on this page, or jump over to our 2021 Event Center. [LINK TO EVENT CENTER]