What is an OPEN Power Member?

We’ve launched a new program to reward our most active OPEN members. Power Membership qualification is based on engagement with our newsletter. You can boost your Power Score by opening our e-newsletter and clicking any link. OPEN Power Members receive:

  • Exclusive US Games Discounts and Offers
  • Special Access Invites to Events
  • A Dedicated Toll Free Customer Service Number for OPEN Power Members
  • Opportunities to Win OPEN Apparel and Gear
  • Input on Future Module Releases

Current Power Offers:

  • 40% OFF and FREE Shipping on US Games Agility Ladders
  • 20% OFF and FREE Shipping on All Orders (Some Exceptions Apply)
  • Exclusive OPEN Power Member T-Shirt Giveaway!

Program FAQs:

#1 FAQ… How do I get access to the exclusive offers listed above?

A: When you receive OPEN’s e-newsletter in your inbox, open it and then click on a link that interests you. It’s that simple. Power Membership is based on your engagement with our e-newsletter. If you’re an OPEN registered member and still don’t get our newsletter, you can subscribe here with THIS FORM.

#2 FAQ… I just registered as an OPEN member using the registration link. How long before I can become an OPEN Power Member?

A: It may take up to 30 days (or 2 newsletter cycles). The magic mathematicians behind our newsletter analytics will automatically put you on our Power Member list after you’ve opened newsletters and clicked some interesting links.