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Backyard Games (Grades 3-12)

Created by: Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions by: Andrea Hart, Aaron Hart, Eliza Kuhn

The Backyard Games module was created as a way for students to stay active year-round while enjoying the benefits of physical activity with friends. In this module students will explore activities and games that can be played both during and outside of the school day. In addition, personal and social responsibility concepts such as cooperation, safety, respect, […]

Golf (Middle School)

Created by: LaDonda Porter, Shannon Maly, Stephanie Dickson, Dan Tennessen, Nichole Wilder
Special Contributions by: Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart, Eliza Kuhn

Introducing middle school students to golf brings with it opportunities for both physical and mental growth. As we embark on this exciting journey through the OPEN golf module, students will not only learn the fundamental techniques of putting and chipping, but they will also develop essential life skills such […]

Locomotor and Manipulative Skills
(Primary K-2)

This module includes activities that are designed to develop and reinforce several locomotor and manipulative skills. All of the basic locomotor skills, static and dynamic balancing, as well as underhand tossing, rolling, and catching are addressed. Other learning outcomes are also addressed within the module’s activities.

Module Documents

  • Complete Module Packet:[PDF Only]
  • Module Overview: [PDF, WORD]
  • Required Materials: [PDF, […]


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