This module includes activities that are designed to develop and reinforce several personal and social skills associated with responsible behavior. Safety, cooperation, interpersonal behavior, receiving and providing feedback, praising and accepting others, as well as following the etiquette of activity settings are the main skills emphasized. However, a variety of other learning outcomes are also addressed within the module’s activities.

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National Standards and Outcomes Focus for Personal & Social Responsibility

Standard 4. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

  • Outcome E1.3-5.
    • Exhibits personal responsibility in teacher-directed activities (3);
    • Exhibits responsible behavior in independent group situations (4);
    • Engages in physical activity with responsible interpersonal behavior (e.g., peer to peer, student to teacher, student to referee) (5).
  • Outcome E3.3-5.
    • Accepts and implements specific corrective teacher feedback (3);
    • Listens respectfully to corrective feedback from others (e.g., peers, adults) (4);
    • Gives corrective feedback respectfully to peers (5).
  • Outcome E4.3-5.
    • Works cooperatively with others (3a);
    • Praises others for their success in movement performance (3b);
    • Praises the movement performance of others both more and less-skilled (4a);
    • Accepts “players” of all skill levels into the physical activity (4b);
    • Accepts, recognizes and actively involves others with both higher and lower skill abilities into physical activities and group projects (5).
  • Outcome E5.3-5.
    • Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers (3);
    • Exhibits etiquette and adherence to rules in a variety of physical activities (4);
    • Critiques the etiquette involved in rules of various game activities (5).
  • Outcome E6.3-5.
    • Works independently and safely in physical activity settings (3);
    • Works safely with peers and equipment in physical activity settings (4);
    • Applies safety principles with age-appropriate physical activities (5).