Build class routines with engaging Tabata Challenges designed to reinforce 3 simple classroom rules while building a positive learning environment.

1) Respect Self;  2) Respect Others;  3) Respect the Things We Use

Build on these simple rules to create a safe environment where students are empowered to explore physical activity and movement while building meaningful relationships with trusting adults and supportive peers.

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Module Resources

Module Resources

  • The Complete Module

  • Essential Questions & Priority Outcomes

  • Module Block Plan

  • All Activity Plans

  • Components of Fitness Posters

  • Tabata Team Scramble Fitness Cards

  • Create Your Own Tabata Routine

  • Academic Language Cards

  • Take Home Tabata Routines

  • Performance Rubric

  • Universal Design Suggestions

Interval Music

Individual Activities

Click activity title to view PDF

  • Team Walk & Talk

  • Tabata Hot Potato

  • Tabata Team Scramble

  • Tabata Team Rep Challenge

  • Tabata Team Inchworm Relay

  • Tabata Team Charades

  • Tabata High or Low

  • Tabata Bowling Battle

  • Tabata RPS Race

  • Tabata Dice Duel

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Rules & Rights

Classroom Environment

  • Complete Classroom Rules Packet

  • Rules Poster

  • Student Empowerment Rights Poster

  • CASEL Alignments & DOK Question Sets

  • Small PNG Icon Files

  • Large PGN Icon Files

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