Reinforce responsibility, self-control, and the health-enhancing benefits of physical activity with this fun and engaging learning module.

The activities and resources in this module will help you celebrate fall while staying consistent with your rules, routines, and classroom expectations.

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Thank you to the following Pumpkin Patch contributors!

Sarah Phillips, Paul Redman, Meggie Shoemaker, Kristen Stuber, Tracie Hammond, Tiffany Beam, Jennifer Carver, Megan Northcote

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Module Resources

Module Resources

Supporting Links

  • Self-Care Pumpkin Patch Resources [LINK]
  • Halloween Music Playlist on Spotify [LINK]

Individual Activities

Activity Pages

  • Ghostbuster Tag [PDF]
  • Zombie Invasion [PDF]
  • Pickles In The Pumpkin Patch [PDF]
  • Monster Mash [PDF]
  • Haunted House [PDF]
  • I Put A Spell On You [PDF]
  • Pumpkin Ball [PDF]
  • Ghost Hunt [PDF]
  • The Great Pumpkin Run [PDF]

Activity Resources