Numbers may bore you, but the fact is, data drives decisions and FITNESSGRAM10 offers concrete individual and group data that can make an impact if communicated and used appropriately. The mission statement, as well as the program philosophy, clearly outlines education with a focus on lifelong physical activity promotion as the primary goal of FITNESSGRAM.

The power is yours! Utilize this valuable data to see where your students or school could incorporate healthy changes. Below are just some of the available reports and their benefits:

Student Report:

  • Educate kids about their fitness level and provide suggestions for maintaining or improving.
  • Assist with S.M.A.R.T. goal setting and show progress from previous tests.

Presidential Youth Fitness Award Report:

  • To provide an overview of which tests students achieved the Healthy Fitness Zone in five out of six of the test components.
  • Motivate and recognize students with the Presidential Youth Fitness Award!

Summary Report:

  • View synopsis of student health-related fitness by class to recognize areas for improvement, monitor growth, and see which teachers/students did the fitness testing.
  • Analyze the data further in order to determine which groups of students will need additional or specialized instruction to specifically help them with their particular needs.

Test Overview Report:

  • Provides a graphic representation of HFZ % achievement by component, school, district, or grade level.
  • Impact lesson planning, plan fitness or education nights for parents, or communicate information to PTA or parent groups.

By identifying specific needs for physical education you can bring in others and develop school-wide health initiatives, such as: a before/after school physical activity program, structured recess, classroom physical activity breaks, grant funding, joint use agreements, and community partnerships.

What positive changes, big or small, have you made using FITNESSGRAM reports?