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By |2017-09-13T05:42:18-04:00September 13th, 2017|OPEN Blog|

The news and personal stories coming out of Texas and Florida over the past two weeks have kept me awake. I’ve been praying for friends and family, thinking about how to help, and, honestly, feeling somewhat helpless to truly contribute in the midst of such devastation. I also feel strange pangs of guilt as [...]

Jim DeLine’s Welcome Back Message (2016)

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00August 31st, 2016|Featured, OPEN Blog|

It’s 8:00 p.m. and I’m in bed.  It must be a new school year. There should be a reality show titled “The First Two Weeks Of School.”  The weak would certainly not survive.  For us teachers and coaches, there are words to describe the intensity of the first two weeks.  For those who have never [...]

2016 Conference Handouts

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00March 4th, 2016|Best Practices, High MVPA, OPEN Blog|

The 2016 Conference Tour is underway! This page hosts PDFs of selected conference slides from OPEN presentations. Conference Slides Nutrition Outcomes & Instant Activities: [PDF] What's My Job?! The Evaluation Opportunity: [PDF] Spikeball & Academic Rigor...Way What?!: [PDF] High Speed Games to Promote Academic Rigor: [PDF] Academic Language Posters from High [...]

What’s Next?
OPEN Community Curriculum Coach Development

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00October 27th, 2015|OPEN Blog|

OPEN has taken us on an indescribable journey over the past 7 months. However, thanks to the #PhysEd community and the support of US Games, we’re about to shift gears yet again and accelerate the sharing. A little less than a year ago, US Games and the OPEN Development Council set a 12-month goal to [...]

OPEN and the Outcomes: Working to Fill the Holes

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00April 17th, 2015|OPEN Blog|

Today’s blog is a multimedia experiment as I try to communicate OPEN’s development process with respect to filling the holes in our scope and sequence. As I’ve mentioned before, OPEN is a curriculum project that will eventually become a complete K-12 outcomes-based curriculum. Many people have contacted me over the past 30 days about how [...]

OPEN Post-Launch: Gratitude, Trust, and Hard Work

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00March 23rd, 2015|OPEN Blog|

It’s been an incredible week for the OPEN project, as well as for me personally. Eight months of hard work was unveiled for the world to see, begin using, and evaluate. The OPEN project has been a labor of professional love, and because of that it has been very difficult for everyone that has participated [...]

Give a Kahoot in Physical Education

By |2017-06-04T14:38:37-04:00March 12th, 2015|OPEN Blog|

Finding new ways to incorporate technology into physical education is always exciting, but not always easy. The game-based classroom response system, Kahoot, is an easy and fun way to integrate technology, and see how much your students already know or have learned about a concept or skill. I first used Kahoot in the physical education [...]

Acceptance, Activity & Academic Rigor

By |2017-06-04T14:38:41-04:00January 28th, 2015|OPEN Blog|

Looking for a mid-Winter challenge? Let’s target Outcome E4.4b from Standard 4: “Accepts players of all skill levels into the physical activity.” For many physical educators and PE advocates, this outcome falls right into our wheelhouse. We love to talk about how physical education builds character and teaches cooperation and acceptance. However, many of us [...]

Invisible Dumbbells and Muscular Endurance for Children

By |2017-06-04T14:38:41-04:00January 20th, 2015|OPEN Blog|

I’ve been working with National Physical Education Standard 3 over the past few weeks, looking for ways to help elementary students meet the various grade level outcomes for Fitness Knowledge. When in doubt, begin with the outcomes. Actually, always begin with the outcomes. Anyway, I wanted to create an activity that would accomplish the following: [...]

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