Today’s blog is a multimedia experiment as I try to communicate OPEN’s development process with respect to filling the holes in our scope and sequence. As I’ve mentioned before, OPEN is a curriculum project that will eventually become a complete K-12 outcomes-based curriculum.

Many people have contacted me over the past 30 days about how best to contribute activities. Most have had the same question: “What content areas need to be addressed?” As a backward design project the answer obviously comes directly from the SHAPE America Grade-Level Outcomes.

So, to help identify the specific gaps in our content I’m posting 3 documents to help guide the way.

  1. The OPEN Elementary Outcomes Tracker is a chart created to help everyone see the outcomes we’ve targeted, as well as the outcomes that still need to be targeted in future modules. There are two pages in this document – one for K-2 and one for 3-5.
  2. A Filling the Outcome Holes video walkthrough, which allows me to talk everyone through the tracker and the process that we use to select the outcome targets for each module. [Filling the Holes YouTube Video]
  3. A targeted outcomes list for Volleying and Striking that can be used to keep the focus sharp as we create a future module to address these missing outcomes. [Volleying & Striking Outcomes List]

During this process I’d love constructive feedback from the OPEN community as to how we can best address missing outcomes. I’ll be working with the OPEN Development Council to create a plan to address Volleying and Striking and it would be great to get your input as we begin these discussion. For example, should Volleying and Striking be addressed in one module? Or, is it important to address each set of outcomes in it’s own module?

One final note, tomorrow (4-18) is OPEN’s 1-month birthday! Look for me on Twitter and Facebook for OPEN’s birthday analytics. Thank you all so much for an incredible month!

Work hard. Have fun.



PS – If you’re looking for the SHAPE America Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes PDF – Here it is…PDF