This week I’m posting a short bonus article to share an academic integration idea with you. It includes a short 1-page discussion of the standards- and outcomes-based process I used when developing the activity. Please review these resources and comment with your thoughts and ideas around the topic. I would love to hear how you plan for meaningful integration.

Fitness Pentathlon (Super Quick Instructions):

  • Students work in pairs or small group, each group with a Fitness Pentathlon Worksheet.
  • The use of heart rate or pulse monitors is required. Here are a few options for managing the use of HRM technology
    • Each student has a heart rate monitor.
    • Each group has a pulse monitor.
    • One student per group has a heart rate monitor and data is collected on only one student.
    • One or two pulse monitors are placed in an assessment area. Students move to the area to check their heart rate at the appropriate times.
    • OR, students could check their pulse the old-fashioned way and record their results. We recommend a 10-second timed pulse count (multiplied by 6 to get BPM).
  • Students complete the worksheet and a debrief session is conducted with the entire class.

Fitness Pentathlon Resources: