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Can’t go to camp? Bring camp to your home! To help you plan ahead, here are our scheduled weekly themes. We’ll keep all of our resource links and files posted all summer long – and beyond!.

  • Rising New York Road Runners Active at Home (NOW!)
  • OPEN Backyard Games (Resources Below)
  • Spikeball Camp (Resources Below)
  • Sport Stacking Camp (Resources Below)

New York Road Runners (Week 4)

Let’s MOVE at home with Rising New York Road Runners!

This is a full week of outdoor games and running fun to help you move your body and burn some energy! Thank you to Rising New York Road Runners for the great resources adapted from their incredible PlayBuilder!

Rising NYRR: (NEW!)

  • Complete 5-Day Camp Packet (PDF)
  • Rising NYRR Camp Schedule (PDF)
  • Day 1 Packet (PDF)
  • Day 2 Packet (PDF)
  • Day 3 Packet (PDF)
  • Day 4 Packet (PDF)
  • Day 5 Packet (PDF)
  • NYRR Video Playlist (VIDEO)

Sport Stacking Camp (Week 3)

Game ON! Everything you need to learn, practice, and compete in Sport Stacking.

Wow – our partners at Speed Stacks have out done themselves with Sport Stacking resources for kids of all ages! These resources will remain on the OPEN website forever – so it’s never too late to get a set of Speed Stacks and get started. Enter the Power Discount Portal and search for Speed Stacks.

Sport Stacking Resources:

Spikeball Camp (Week 2)

Keep the fun going with a week of Spikeball Camp!

Get out your Spikeball set or use a safe ball and a hula hoop. Use the choice board and activity videos below to practice and play the game of Roundnet!

Spikeball Camp Resources:

Backyard Games (Week 1)

We’re kicking off OPEN at Home Summer Camps with a week of Backyard Games!

Starting June 29 and continuing through the week as we gear up for the July 4 holiday weekend. Be ready for your family summer gatherings with a week of back yard practice and fun!

Backyard Games Resources:

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