Created by: Aaron Hart, Brian Devore, Jim DeLine, Mike Martinez, Nick Kline, Pam Powers, Shannon Maly
Special Contributions: Breanna Natale, Deedi Brown, Georgina Vint, Jeremy Lyon, Katelin Anderson
Design: Jennifer Truong

OPEN’s partnership with FITNESSGRAM® produces another set of fitness education resources designed to create a culture of everyday fitness with your students. High School Plug & Play activities increase exercise intensity with a focus on exercise form, safety, and understanding perceived exertion. Utilizing heart rate monitor technology can enhance teachable moments and increase student motivation.

Module Documents

  • Complete Module Packet:

  • Module Overview:

  • Required Materials:

  • All Module Activities:

  • Sample Lesson Plan:

  • Academic Language Cards:

  • Universal Design Adaptations:

  • Partner Burn-Out Chart:

  • Pace Station Cards:

  • Down-Up Reps Chart:

  • Perceived Exertion Card:

  • Heart Rate Zone Chart:

Activity Plans

  • Partner-Rep Burn-Out:

  • Plank Races:

  • Pace Stations:

  • Down-Up Reps:

  • Music Moves:

  • Flipper Sprints:

  • Upside Down:

  • Bean Bag Blockers:

  • Cone Flip Chaos:


  • Academic Language Quiz:

  • DOK Exit Slip:

  • Blank Partner Burn-Out Chart:

  • Blank Down-Up Reps Chart:

  • Music Moves Worksheet:

Teacher Evaluation

  • Teacher Self-Reflection Guide:

Planning Tools

  • Blank Activity Plan Template:

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National Standards and Outcomes Focus for High School Plug & Play Fitness

Standard 3.Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

  • Standard 3 [H1.L1-2]: Discusses the benefits of a physically active lifestyle as it relates to college/career productivity (L1).
  • Standard 3 [H3.L 2]: Applies rates of perceived exertion and pacing (L2).
  • Standard 3 [H8.L1-2]: Relates physiological responses to individual levels of fitness and nutritional balance (L1); Identifies the different energy systems used in a selected physical activity (e.g., ATP-PC, anaerobic/glycolysis, aerobic) (L2).
  • Standard 3 [H10.L1-2]: Calculates target heart rate and applies HR information to personal fitness plan (L1); Adjusts pacing to keep heart rate in the target zone, using available technology (e.g., pedometer, heart rate monitor), to self-monitor aerobic intensity (L2).

Standard 4. Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

  • Standard 4 [H5.L1] Applies best practices for participating safely in physical activity, exercise, and dance (e.g., injury prevention, proper alignment, hydration, use of equipment, implementation of rules, sun protection) (L1).