Created by: Aaron Hart
Contributions by: Jo Bailey, Deedi Brown, Joe Cambron, Diane Cannon, Terry Jones, Nick Kline, Eddie Kovel, Lisa Kushner, Becca L-A-K, Jen Mau, Darcell Salmi, Murray Wallace, Amanda Welch
Design: Aaron Hart & Jennifer Truong

Creative Mode Fitness is a fun and vigorously active way to teach students critical fitness concepts and basic fitness planning. It’s designed to be used with heart rate monitor technology—preferably a team heart rate monitoring system, such as Polar GoFit.

The main objective of this module is to teach students fundamental fitness concepts through fun and vigorously active learning activities. Students will produce safe and appropriate training routines in a group setting, as well as personal Tabata routines that they can perform safely at home.

Module Documents

  • Complete Module Packet:

  • Module Overview

  • Required Materials:

  • All Module Activities:

  • Sample Lesson Plan:

  • Academic Language Cards:

  • Universal Design Adaptations:

  • Resources & Videos:

  • Team RPS Question Set:

  • Team RPS Score Card:

  • FITT Principle Poster:

  • Health-Related Jigsaw Puzzles:

  • Heart Rate Zone Chart:

  • Lap Station Cards:

  • Pacer Points Score Card:

  • Deliberate Practice Guide:

  • All Tabata Interval Stations:

  • Push-up Ski Team Score Card:

  • Fitness Scramble Puzzles:

  • Circuit Training Cards:

Link to Equipment Pack

Activity Plans

  • Team FITT RPS:

  • Fitness Concept Jigsaw:

  • Number Card Tag:

  • Partner Pacer Points:

  • Aerobic Tic Tac Toe:

  • Interval Stations:

  • Push-up Ski Team:

  • Tag Team Scramble:

  • Circuit Training:

  • Creative Mode:

  • Survival Mode:

Tabata & Circuit Cards

  • Tabata Display Card Routine 1 :

  • Tabata Station Cards Routine 1:

  • Darebee Video Links Routine 1:

  • Tabata Display Card Routine 2:

  • Tabata Station Cards Routine 2:

  • Darebee Video Links Routine 2:

  • Tabata Display Card Routine 3:

  • Tabata Station Cards Routine 3:

  • Darebee Video Links Routine 3:

  • Circuit Training Cards Routine 1:

  • Darebee Video Links Circuit Routine 1:

  • Circuit Training Cards Routine 2:

  • Darebee Video Links Circuit Routine 2:

  • Circuit Training Cards Routine 3:

  • Darebee Video Links Circuit Routine 3:


  • Academic Language Quiz:

  • Holistic Performance Rubric:

  • Self-Efficacy and Social Support Inventory:

  • Team RPS Score Card:

  • Pacer Points Score Card:

  • Push-up Ski Team Score Card:

  • Fitness Scramble Puzzles:

  • Creative Mode Fitness Worksheet:

  • Blank Tabata Display Cards:

  • Blank Station Cards:

  • Survival Mode Reflection Cards:

  • Home Tabata Routine Worksheet

Teacher Evaluation

  • Teacher Self-Evaluation and Reflection Guide:

Planning Tools

  • Blank Activity Plan Template:

  • Blank Lesson Plan Template:

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National Standards and Outcomes Focus for Creative Mode Fitness

Standard 1 [H3.L1 & L2] Fitness Activities

  • Demonstrates competency in one or more specialized skills in health-related fitness activities (L1);
  • Demonstrates competency in two or more specialized skills in health-related fitness activities (L2).

Standard 2 [H1.L1] Movement Concepts, Principles, & Knowledge

  • Applies the terminology associated with exercise and participation in selected individual-performance activities, dance, net/wall games, target games, aquatics, and/or outdoor pursuits appropriately (L1).

Standard 3 [H2.L1 & L2] Physical Activity Knowledge

  • Evaluates the validity of claims made by commercial products and programs pertaining to fitness and a healthy, active lifestyle (L1);
  • Analyzes and applies technology and social media as tools to support a healthy, active lifestyle (L2).

Standard 3 [H9.L1] Fitness Knowledge

  • Identifies types of strength exercises (isometric, concentric, eccentric) and stretching exercises (static, PNF, dynamic) for personal fitness development (e.g., strength, endurance, range of motion) (L1).

Standard 3 [H10.L1 & L2] Fitness Knowledge

  • Calculates target heart rate and applies HR information to personal fitness plan (L1);
  • Adjusts pacing to keep heart rate in the target zone, using available technology (e.g., pedometer, heart rate monitor), to self-monitor aerobic intensity (L2).

Standard 3 [H14.L2] Stress Management

  • Identifies stress-management strategies (e.g., mental imagery, relaxation techniques, deep breathing, aerobic exercise, meditation) to reduce stress (L2).

Standard 4 [H3.L1&1] Working with Others

  • Uses communication skills and strategies that promote team/group dynamics (L1);
  • Assumes a leadership role (e.g., task or group leader, referee, coach) in a physical activity setting (L2).

Standard 4 [H5.L1] Safety

  • Applies best practices for participating safely in physical activity, exercise, and dance (e.g., injury prevention, proper alignment, use of equipment, implementation of rules) (L1).

Standard 5 [H1.L1] Health

  • Analyzes the health benefits of a self-selected physical activity (L1).

Standard 5 [H2.L2] Challenge

  • Chooses an appropriate level of challenge to experience success and desire to participate in a self-selected physical activity (L2).