I care about Physical Education – maybe to a fault. Seventeen years ago I joined the Phys Ed Community as a young and idealistic teacher. I was ready to change the world – I still am. This Summer I joined the US Games team because I truly believe that they care about Physical Education.

Today, the Phys Ed Community is on the threshold of greatness and endangerment – both at the same time. Visibility for our cause has never been this high. Institutional support for our cause has never been this low. In the news every day we see reports of increases in lifestyle-related disease, childhood obesity, and the deterioration of community health. In our schools every day we battle budget cuts, testing mandates, and the diminishing number of weekly minutes in which we will actually see and interact with our students.

Physical educators need partners and allies, both inside and outside of our community. US Games has made a commitment to be a partner and an ally at the grassroots and the institutional levels.

This past summer I had the privilege to make a small contribution to the National PE Institute in Asheville, North Carolina. I gave two breakout presentations, attended four other breakouts, and experienced every outstanding keynote speaker. My PE heart was filled with hope, energy, and a strengthened love for our professional community. I sat with individual practitioners as well as high-level administrators. It seemed like absolutely everyone was absorbing the positive energy that the NPEI generated.

My professional mission over the next 25 years is to expand that positive energy, shine light on the good that is happening throughout the physical education world, and do everything that I can to support each and every teacher that is working to make quality physical education a reality for every child.

Thankfully, US Games supports that mission. US Games cares about physical education. Our journey begins now.

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