Why OPEN loves parent engagement…

We need parents to become powerful allies as we strive to increase the demand for effective physical education programs. Active Schools and OPEN both recognize the potential strength that parents can and do demonstrate within their local schools when they understand the importance of physical literacy and physical education’s role in developing their children into physically literate individuals.

Take Your Parent to PE Week is September 24-28. There are many ways that teachers can use this time within their classrooms. If you have an established parent engagement program, use this time to celebrate your success with your entire community. If you’re starting your journey with parent engagement, we urge you to start small, but think big. Even if you use the week of 9/24 to plan your parent program, that’s okay. Head over to Active Schools, register as a participant and download all of the free resources available to you.

The resources on this page, along with Jim DeLine’s interview on the OPEN Forum Podcast, are offered to help you make the most out of parent involvement during Take Your Parent to PE Week and beyond. Use the contact us form to send us your ideas, or let us know what else we can create to help you and your students. On behalf of the entire OPEN tribe of teachers, thanks for all that you do to put PE in hoPE.

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