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(HS 9-12)

Created by: Aaron Hart, Victor Spadaro, Skyler Boles Special Contributions: Deedi Brown & Jennifer Truong Content adapted from activities found on Roundnet is a team sport played with Spikeball® equipment sets. Teams of two work together and are allowed three touches to return the ball onto the net. Once the ball [...]

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(Intermediate 3-5)

Created by: Brandon Herwick, Deedi Brown, Aaron Hart, Dr. Theresa Cone, Bob Oates, Scott Williams, Sara Weeks, Juliet Schulein Design: Jennifer Truong For more dance resources from the contributors, please visit the following pages: Brandon Herwick’s YouTube Channel Dr. Theresa Cone’s Dance Resources Bob Oates’ YouTube Channel Scott Williams’ YouTube Channel As physical educators, one of [...]

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Limited Equipment
(Grades K-12)

Created by: Jim DeLine, Gabe Erving, Crystal Gorwitz, Aaron Hart, Andrea Hart, Brandon Herwick, Lori Jerred, Nick Kline, Charla Tedder Krahnke, Michael Martinez, Roy Mitchell, Victoria Otto, Benjamin Pirillo, Victor Spadaro, Rich Wiles Design:  Aaron Hart & Jennifer Truong Special Contributions:  Deedi Brown This module was started as a response to the 2017 hurricanes that [...]

Flag Tag
(Primary K-2)

Created by: Victor Spadaro & Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown Design: Jennifer Truong Are your K–2 students ready for some football?! Actually, no, they’re probably not. The Flag Tag Games module is designed to prepare children for Flag Football participation in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate setting. Locomotor skills and movement in [...]


Why OPEN loves parent engagement... We need parents to become powerful allies as we strive to increase the demand for effective physical education programs. Active Schools and OPEN both recognize the potential strength that parents can and do demonstrate within their local schools when they understand the importance of physical literacy and physical [...]

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Tabata Training

Created by: Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown, Lisa Kushner, Amanda Welch Design: Aaron Hart & Jennifer Truong Tabata Training is a short but meaningful module designed to teach the basics of Tabata methodology with a focus on exercise form and fitness knowledge concepts. The two-week module includes an activity and nutrition log in [...]

Bat and Ball Games
(Intermediate 3-5)

Created by: Joseph Spernal, Aaron Hart, Jim DeLine, and Lisa Kushner Special Contributions: Deedi Boland Design: Jennifer Truong Bat and Ball Games introduces students to the critical skills and movement patterns that are essential to sports like softball, baseball, and cricket. Purposeful activities provide fun and challenge for skill development while also introducing foundational concepts, strategies, and [...]

(Intermediate 3-5)

Created by: Lisa Kushner, Briana Sullivan, Deedi Brown, Mike Smith, and Aaron Hart Design: Jennifer Truong Striking an object with a short-handled implement has never been this fun! This module provides a developmentally appropriate lead-up to net games like pickleball and badminton. Implement this module in full with more skilled students. Or, remove the [...]

(Primary K-2)

Created by: Lisa Kushner, Amanda Welch, Nick Kline, and Aaron Hart Special Contributions: Deedi Brown Design: Jennifer Truong Parachute activities are among the most memorable physical education experiences of a young child’s life. Just seeing the ‘chute creates excitement and joy for most students. It is also an important opportunity to reinforce critical personal [...]